Global Climate Change and The End of Time

Here is the future!

                                          Now                                                                                                                                                                Then

This book deals with global climate change and the End of Time,

in other words: The End is Near

The book is for people around the world who want to know the truth behind climate change and the end of time and who want to know how to survive. NB! The book does not introduce information which is unknown to the public, but the context and connections make the book unique to the whole world.

This book deals with the total climate change, out of which the greenhouse effect constitutes only around 20 per cent. The remaining 80 per cent are factors and causes we cannot do anything about. This, and the catastrophes we can expect, is called The End of Time. Nobody can save the world from its extinction. We need to concentrate on saving ourselves and what there is to be saved in order to survive. And the book itself: it might turn out to be the Bible of the finance world.

We all ask questions about Life, questions to which there are no answers. In this book most of your questions will receive an answer. Did you know that religion is also involved in the climate change game and that history repeats itself


Daniel was a specialist who could foresee the future and see the End of Time. The author of this book has the same gift: he can clearly see both the future and the End of Time. In other words: the writer of this book has the same role as Daniel had 2,600 years ago, and therefore the world knows him. – Einstein’s theory of relativity, is it still valid? Read the book and get the answer! You are dealing with an instructive book.

Read the book and your level of knowledge will be raised!

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